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"...If there's ONE collection of Dan Kennedy every serious marketer needs... this is it."

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Dan Kennedy's "Renegade Millionaire"!

  • The Original "Renegade Millionaire" System..............(Value $1,997)
Dan Kennedy at his FULL-BLOWN "Renegade" self. Unafraid. Unorthodox. No Holds Barred. This is the GOAT of direct response marketing breaking it down soup-to-nuts on how to go from scratch to "renegade millionaire"... by doing the OPPOSITE of everyone else!
  • Renegade Millionaire 2.0.............................................. (Value $2,297)
Recordings taken from a behind-closed-doors, HIGH-LEVEL "Renegade Millionaire" event where Dan goes ALL IN and discusses what makes a business thrive in ANY economy... 

(Warning: language and some big mind-shifts happen during this one. Including a shift in viewing your own business that can help you experience INCREDIBLE growth and in ways you never thought was possible!)
  • The Renegade Millionaire Retreat............................... (Value $1,397)
Imagine going to "basketball camp" and being trained by Michael Jordan. That's basically what this is... recordings taken from an ELITE direct response marketing event where the "best of the best" in direct response marketing detail their strategies and techniques that have helped them achieve MILLIONS.
  • Renegade Millionaire Marketing..................................... (Value $497)
"Stop following the crowd," says Dan Kennedy, "...because the fact of the matter is the majority is wrong." If you want to stand-out in your market with a unique message that is so compelling, it practically forces your ideal customer to only want to do business with you, then you'll want to dive into this one first. 

(Note: the secrets contained in this volume are not for "newbie marketers" looking for tactics... these are real, practical strategies that separate the "marketer" from the "renegade millionaire"...)

Total Value: $6,188!

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"...I took a $1,000-a-month business up to $100,000-a-month business in 7 months when I first met Dan."

- Jeff Paul, Financial Investor turned direct-response "Renegade Millionaire"

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Hey, it’s Russell again, and I just have one more thing to share with you, so stick with me real quick (I promise it’ll make you more money... ;)

However, a "word of warning"... this is not for the "faint of heart. If you're easily-offended, or you're afraid of offending others in your marketing, then turn back now...
This is ONLY for brave, "out-of-the-box" thinkers who like to zig when everyone is zagging... folks who want to defy the odds, violate the industry norms, kick conventional marketing "wisdom" to the curb... and break all of the rules they've been told, so they can...

"...Become A 'Renegade Millionaire' The Dan Kennedy Way!"

If that's NOT you... and you'd rather stick to "what you know" in your marketing efforts (and maybe continue to deal with the same problems), then I just saved you some time and we can end it here...

But for those who are serious about marketing, and breathe this stuff day and night... and are ready to go against the grain, and in turn, increase business profits like never seen beforethen listen closely:

Dan Kennedy did a 3-day long, "behind closed doors" sit-down with his friend, student, and author, Lee Milteer, where she interviewed Dan about EVERYTHING "soup to nuts" on how Dan built his empire...

It combines over 29 YEARS of INCREDIBLE marketing insights and business strategies that Dan, as well as his partner Bill Glazer, used to help create HUNDREDS of first generation "renegade millionaires" from scratch...

The entire interview was put together on a series of cassette tapes (remember those?!?) and called "Renegade Millionaire System." 

It was brash. Offensive. Politically incorrect. And very "Renegade Dan" to say the least...

For 15 hours, Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer cover key strategies and marketing "know-how" from their own entrepreneurial experience, as well as 100-million dollars of other renegade millionaires' life-lessons that you can learn from and implement into your own business.

Since its initial release, the "Renegade Millionaire System" has been updated, added to, and evolved into what eventually became FIVE timeless "Renegade" volumes of what I believe to be the VERY best of Dan Kennedy and his teachings. 

If there's ONE collection of Dan Kennedy every marketer needs... this is it.

These are the SAME mind-blowing, life-changing principles I first heard that helped me transform my ordinary, "average" businesses... into EXTRAORDINARY wealth-producing assets where it felt like we were busting at the seams with how fast we were growing...

And I want the same for YOU

I want to give you the exact tools I used to grow my multiple businesses, the kind of unconventional marketing wisdom you won't find anywhere else...


You're already receiving one of the "Renegade" volumes as part of your free gift (i.e., "Renegade Time Management System")...

But the truth is, I felt guilty...

See, while the "Renegade Time Management System" is PACKED with strategies to help take back your time and become more productive... 

It's only 'once piece' of the puzzle that may only get you so far in your business... 

What you WANT is the ENTIRE package... the whole 'enchilada'... ALL of the prized Dan Kennedy tools so you can experience the kind of life-changing results that comes from being a real "renegade millionaire." 

That's why, right now... and while you're on this page...

I Want To Give You The ENTIRE "Renegade Millionaire" Package

...At A Fraction Of The Original Cost, And Only Available On This Page Right Now!

Here's everything you get today 
 when you say "YES!" To the 
ENTIRE "Renegade Millionaire" Package:

COUNT 'EM! That's a total of FIVE "Renegade Millionaire" digital volumes complete with 40+ HOURS of unconventional, profit-soaring business & marketing secrets, strategies, and Dan Kennedy wisdom that will violate "the norm," offend the "shiny object marketers"... and help you radically grow your business!

Renegade offer #1

The Original Renegade Millionaire System

Dan Kennedy at his MOST Dan Kennedy'ist - THIS is the initial system that caught the entrepreneurial world aflame with real, practical, NO B.S. direct response marketing & business strategies that you can "go and do" and see profitable results

If you've always felt like a "square peg" and love to go against the norm in true renegade style, then you'll WANT to start digging into this as soon as you get it! Here's what you'll discover inside:
  • How to go from "average" to "renegade" in your marketing, and in turn, SKYROCKET profits like never before, and leaving your competitors in a daze...As Dan says about his system: "You're getting over 100 million dollars worth of entrepreneurial street smarts channeled through me."
  • "If you want abnormal results," says Dan, "...then you can't adhere to normal conventions." In "CD #4," Dan talks about his "affordable reachability" and how it solves the #1 marketing challenge for any product or service today... (do this incorrectly, and you may as well be flushing 10s of 1000s of dollars down the toilet...)
  • How to become UNIGNORABLE in your market! Are you in a saturated market? Then you'll love the "CD #2," where Dan unveils his secrets that practically FORCES your ideal prospect to have you, or your product or service, on their brain 24/7...
  • Should you build a "brand"? Dan says, "nah" and then reveals the #1 profit-soaring method that you should focus on instead (which will not only establish your "brand" for you, but also become a highly-profitable wealth pipeline... and it WORKS regardless of medium or niche.)
  • And soooooOOOOOOOOoooo much more... this is the "no sugar coating" marketing strategies USED by folks who have become "renegade millionaires" from scratch... THIS is the ultimate bootstrap-approach to achieving the life and business you deserve!

Renegade offer #2

Renegade Millionaire 2.0

Renegade Millionaire 2.0 took place at a LIVE event where a select number of entrepreneurs DEEPLY COMMITTED to "Renegade-ism" gathered to focus on every aspect of what success means and what it takes to achieve uncompromising resultsHere's what you'll discover inside:
  • Busting at the seams! How to gain TOO MUCH business TOO QUICKLY, to the point that you'll have to put into practice this "Disney Secret" that was done to help STOP people from attending their parks... which oddly enough INCREASED Disney's revenue - and why this example defines what it means to be a "renegade millionaire"...
  • The tale of two businesses! The secret that defines why two seemingly identical people or businesses doing seemingly identical things get vastly different results (and how to make SURE you never go the path of MORE RESISTANCE w/ little to no results...)
  • How to APPLY true "Renegade-ism" to NEW mediums, social channels, and new opportunities... (And why it works even for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google... and even new channels like TikTok.) Listen, wherever there's an audience, there's an opportunity to be a "Renegade" and disrupt the industry norms with better ideas... better strategies... and better offers... for MORE profits! (That's because what you'll discover are timeless "principles" rather than quick "tactics"...)
  • Are you selling "stuff"? It could be what's keeping your business from growing to the next level... Dan reveals how to avoid the "selling stuff" pit by dissecting the difference between "unsophisticated" and "sophisticated" marketing... PLUS the 4-word question EVERY successful marketer and "Renegade Millionaire" must answer for their market if they want to experience EXTRAORDINARY results!
  • And TONS more... like how to quickly and easily out-smart, out-work, and out-profit your competitors with a simple "behavioral strategy" that's already being used by Wal-Mart, PetSmart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Uber... and how to avoid the "shiny object syndrome" by focusing on this ONE principle that will build a TIDAL-WAVE of business success you could have never have predicted!
  • WARNING: this is a "no-holds barred" Dan Kennedy, the real NO B.S. "renegade" says it like he sees it, and that means it's for mature audiences.

Renegade offer #3

The Renegade Millionaire Retreat

This was Dan's LAST and greatest "Renegade Millionaire" retreat, where for 3 days, Dan, Bill Glazer, Lee Milteer, along with numerous "millionaire-from-scratch" clients, UNVEIL their marketing secrets that you can learn from and implement into your own business for POWERFUL results!

Attention: This was a "behind-closed-doors" event where folks paid $10K each to be in the room with the top 1%, "in the trenches" direct response marketers making hand-over-fist with offer after offer, and in ALL TYPES of businesses... The information contained inside will be like discovering your very own marketing goldmine!

Here's just a taste of what's inside this RARE, high-ticket event:
  • How to become ULTRA PRODUCTIVE in your business without waiting for the "creative lightning bolt" to strike... PLUS, a Stephen King writing trick that practically FORCES productivity and work to come flowing out of you, and works even if you're not the creative type...
  • The "Family Feud" system Dan Kennedy uses as a way of understanding his core market, where they're coming from, and what their behavioral-buying habits are (using this can help destroy any sort of "guesswork" about your audiences' desires... making it easier to provide the right product or service to the right audience, for BIGGER sales, and without wasting a ton of ad money waiting for the algorithm to do its job...)
  • The tiny "pin-trading" idea Disney initiated that SKYROCKETED sales across the board, and with outrageous margins... PLUS, it was done by using the cheapest, most powerful method of advertising possible... word-of-mouth. (This concept highlights how to take a "small idea" and transform it into a "massive idea" that continues to build every year, becoming a profitable pipeline for you and your business... most marketers would MISS this opportunity, leaving mountains of cash on the table. More about this on "CD #3")
  • "The Pirates Of The Caribbean TEST-RUN" that was so successful at increasing sales for Disney, the company quickly changed all of their rides to follow suit... (What that "secret" is and how you can use it for your own online funnel can be found on "CD #3"...)
  • And BOATLOADS more... INCLUDING a free bonus manual you can use to follow along the entire 3-day event, almost as if you were there! This is a great way to make sure you implement these actionable strategies into your own business and experience positive results.

Renegade offer #4

Renegade Millionaire Marketing

What's the difference between "marketing" and "renegade marketing"? 

It's the difference between making some sales and staying "afloat"... and GENERATING multiple asset pipelines... easily... and in ways not done in your industry that would terrify most "newbie" business owners who would rather play it safe. 

This isn't "safe" marketing... 

But that's not why you're here, is it...?

"...Unusual, unorthodox, creative, advanced, and of course, exceptionally profitable marketing strategies used by renegade millionaire entrepreneurs and pretty much ignored or misunderstood by the majority of business people," says Lee Milteer. 

When you get your hands on this volume, you'll uncover:
  • Why the true "majority" is almost always wrong... (This is for folks who are always told, "copy what's working." Dan says you should almost always do the OPPOSITE of what most of your peers in your industry are doing, calling it "marketing incest." And then shows a more effective way of dissecting "what's working" from "what's NOT working..." that'll save your sanity and ad budget. DON'T ignore this one...)
  • The "Business FLIP" Dan says HAS to happen if you truly want to transform your business from "average" into EXTRAORDINARY, and in a matter of months. (Many business owners aren't ready for this adjustment, but those that trust the process see a lot more moolah, time freedom, and even greater wealth-producing opportunities...)
  • How to create a COMPELLING business message that's so stinkin' unique, it'll stop your ideal prospect dead in their tracks and practically force them to ONLY do business with you (mess-up or "follow the herd" when it comes to your messaging, and it could cost you more time and money... but you won't have to worry about that when you dive into "CD #3" of this volume)
  • How in the heck can a funeral business have a "continuity program" set up?!? Dan breaks down how one of his clients has made this possible, and to great success... giving proof that ANY business CAN and SHOULD set-up a continuity program, because not only it compounds revenue without having to "sell" every time, it also helps mold people into better customers, who are looking to buy more from you! (Thinking this isn't for "your business," would be leaving MOUNTAINS of cash on the table...)
  • Hand-written sales letter? Lumpy "Tootsie-Roll" envelopes?! Marijuana-scented letters!?! These are just some of the "out-of-the-box" ideas that can help cut through the noise of the hum-drum advertising... INJECTING a sense of "newness" that attracts customers to YOU and your offer. (Pssst... if you are TIRED of seeing a competitor with a lesser-quality product do better than you, then you'll WANT to pay close attention to "CD #8"...)

OK, I'm Ready! How Much?

When it was first released, the "Renegade Millionaire System" volume by itself was sold for over $7,000...

Which is such an INSANE steal of a deal then you think about it... considering how generous Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and their "renegade millionaire" clients are when it comes to pulling back the curtain on all of their advanced marketing strategies... 

But you won't be paying $7,000 today...

I'll give it to you straight: the Renegade Millionaire System normally costs $1,997... and that doesn't include the other three volumes you'll be receiving today.

And that price is a no-brainer, seeing as just one teaching from ANY of the "Renegade" volumes will pay you back and then some...

But because you're here now (which tells me you're a "renegade" type to begin with)... and because you signed up to be a new member of the NO B.S. Letter today, I want to do something special just for you... 

Something outrageous, ridiculous... and a little "renegade" if I do say so myself...
I want to give you the ENTIRE Renegade Collection, which includes ALL 5 "Renegade Millionaire" volumes: 
  • Original Renegade Millionaire System ($1,997 value)
  • Renegade Millionaire 2.0 ($2,297 value)
  • The Renegade Millionaire Retreat Recordings ($1,397 value)
  • Renegade Time Management System INCLUDED IN YOUR FREE GIFT!
  • Renegade Millionaire Marketing ($497)
I want to give you ALL of this for just one payment of $6,188... $497which is a WHOPPING 91% discount off the total value!

But please keep in mind, I can't keep this ENTIRE "Renegade" package at this LOW $497 PRICE for very long...

This is a LIMITED-SALE offer ONLY for new members of the NO B.S. Letter and is not available anywhere outside of this page. You can't "save" this page and hope to come back to it at a later time...

Once you leave this page, this offer at this price disappears...

So if you're here now, and you have even the slightest "itch" to defy normal marketing efforts... and experience EXPONENTIAL business growth you never thought was possible...

Then DON'T WAIT! Now's your chance to own THE ENTIRE Dan Kennedy "Renegade Millionaire" package and immediately save $5,600 today! 

Go ahead and hit the "Yes! Add this to my order!" button below right now and before it's too late...

For A Limited Time, You Can Secure...

Dan Kennedy's ENTIRE "Renegade Millionaire" Package Today!

And receive instant access to digital downloads so you can begin your new "renegade millionaire" journey right away!

Normally $6,188.00

Today - Only One Payment Of Just $497!

(Saving You A WHOPPING 91% Instantly!)

Don't Forget - You're 100% Covered By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If by the rare chance you don't find even a shred of Kennedy's Lifetime Work valuable, then I'll return your money.

I know the likelihood of that happening is very, VERY low (and you'll see what I mean when you crack open one of the physical volumes). However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then I'll refund every cent of your investment, with zero questions asked.

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