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where it all began

The Story NOBODY Knows…

I’m going to reveal something right now that NOBODY knows about…not even Dan!

One of the things I love most about Dan Kennedy is seeing him live.

No other presenter, IMHO, can capture an audience and hold their attention with stories, content, or life and business lessons like Dan.

Which is why…when I bought his business and life’s work…I wanted to make sure that not only was I getting his legendary and timeless courses, programs, materials, and intellectual property…

I wanted to find a way that marketers, entrepreneurs, and serious business owners around the world could EXPERIENCE this legend of marketing LIVE for themselves…

And personally...

feel the POWER and FORCE of this once-in-a-generation maverick.

Because Dan’s PRESENCE fills ANY space

You just KNOW something special is about to happen when he walks into a room, or steps onto the stage, or you see an overhead projector from 1983 sitting on a table center stage. (Fax machines and overheads…that’s Dan!)

But the truth is I was actually SCARED and NERVOUS to include a live appearance as part of the deal.

Heck, I was just excited that he was trusting me to be the ‘shepherd’ of his life’s work.

I didn’t know if asking something this BIG…to come out of retirement and scrap his wishes for privacy to make a live appearance…would kill the negotiations.

But I really, really wanted to convince him to do something LIVE.

So what I did was…

(Because I felt like a shy fan boy and didn’t want to ask him directly 😏)…

I did something a tiny bit sneaky…

And slipped a clause into our contract that included a half-day live appearance at Funnel Hacking Live 2022.

I faxed the contract over to Dan and waited. And waited. And waited...

My stomach was in knots, to say the least. And yes, to be honest, I expected the worst.

Then the fax came back. And I broke into a cold sweat.

Guess what?

Instead of, “Russell, this LIVE thing ain’t gonna happen. I’m retired” with a
big red line through the ‘live appearance’ clause…


Dan faxed that he’d be thrilled to do a special live event at FHL.

I was floored.

But wait…it gets better!

Dan suggested that instead of just doing a half day morning session…

But wait…it gets better!

Dan suggested that instead of just doing a half day morning session…

“I’ll do 6 HOURS. And instead of just one talk, you can promote to the group that I’ll do 3 Mini Events.”

Shut the front door !!! 😍😍😍

So now, you get to experience Dan like very few people have EVER experienced him!

i can't believe it

“Three Events In One!”

I was having breakfast when I got that fax. And when I read about WHAT he was going to talk about at this exclusive event, I almost choked on my toast!

Without question, Dan is going out of his way to over-deliver on what promises to be one of his most memorable presentations EVER!

Ready for this?

Mini Event #1

“My Adventures In 40 Years in Direct Marketing And Their Eternal Lessons”

As you already know, Dan is a master storyteller. (One of my big influences!) And as any good marketer knows, story sells.

Pay close attention because Dan is going to share some of his most entertaining stories that illustrate the never-changing principles, strategies, and tactics of success with direct marketing and direct marketing businesses.

Get ready to laugh, be provoked, and use the pointed, practical principles that Dan shares in YOUR business.

Mini Event #2

“Methodology That I Took From Varied Sources For MY ‘Success System’ That Never Fails”

In the Renegade Millionaire System, Dan talks extensively about ‘modeling.’

It’s not about copying, but about extracting different keys from different models to build a “positive Frankenstein” of your own.

Dan is going to show you how he built his multi-million dollar info business by revealing what he borrowed from W. Clement Stone, Walt Disney, Hugh Hefner, Napoleon Hill (as a marketer), David Ogilvey (advertising), Houdini, P.T. Barnum, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk.

Dan will also share his unusual “Amway Without Soap” approach to info-marketing for his business and for his high-end clients.

Mini Event #3

“How To Develop Exceptionally High Value, Lifetime Customers”

Get ready to have your world rocked. Dan will literally give you his “1% - 4% - 15% - 80%” Harsh Reality Renegade Millionaire Principle for attracting and keeping high value customers.

See, most entrepreneurs and businesses get customers to make sales. Renegade Millionaires make sales to get customers. In this entertaining presentation, you’ll discover Dan’s:
  • Secret of the Visible Ladder of Ascension for Retention… and how to create a greased-chute, effortless ‘sales’ journey for your customers from low ticket to high ticket products and services
  • Secret of In-Community Competition and Recognition for Retention… and how rewards, challenges, and certification can explode your sales
  • Secret of Lottery Mentality For Retention… and how to use this simple psychological technique to get customers to open their wallets at will

    AND…be prepared for some unexpected ‘extras’ Dan has in store for you.

Gone… And Back Again

Something you should know…

Dan has not been in the public eye for the past 4 years due to privacy and health issues.

See, Dan had presumably ‘died’ three years ago while in hospice.

The marketing world was shocked and rocked by the news of his passing…

Especially among the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners who literally owe their success to his teachings, myself included.

But as the fates would have it, the Greatest Marketer on Earth was “brought back to life.”

Dan was not done calling people out on their BS.
So after a year of gaining back his strength…and never stopping his daily writing habit (even on his ‘deathbed’) or advising his close clients…

In essence, Dan Kennedy has come out of retirement…

Specifically to celebrate his new partnership with yours truly, Russell Brunson, and ClickFunnels…

And deliver this RARE live presentation ONLY for members and subscribers of Magnetic Marketing and The NO B.S. Newsletter.

Dan’s special appearance at Funnel Hacking LIVE 2021 was considered by most of the attendees as the runaway highlight of the entire 4 day event…

Packed with enough ‘platinum marketing wisdom’ to last a lifetime.

And that’s not an easy feat to pull off, considering the world-class roster of rockstar speakers, presenters, and workshops at FHL this past year.

If you’ve never seen Dan Kennedy Live…and even if you have…

You’re in for one of the Most Unforgettable days of your life.

For Magnetic Marketers Only

Some of today’s most well-known and recognizable marketing legends secretly owe their success to Dan Kennedy.

You know the names…

Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Roland Frasier, Lee Milteer, Ron LeGrand, Ali Brown, Yanik Silver, Joe Polish, Brian Tracy, myself, and hundreds of others.

What The Other Legends Of Marketing Are Saying...

Dan Kennedy teaching has been the guiding mantra of every business I have ever started.

- Ryan Deiss

8 out of 10 things that I know about marketing I learned from Dan Kennedy… Dan’s work is timeless… Forever.

- Perry Belcher

No one has had a bigger impact in the field of direct response, advertising and marketing than Dan Kennedy.

- Frank Kern

Dan Kennedy has contributed to the marketing world more than anyone else… all entrepreneurs should invest in Dan Kennedy materials.

 - Lee Milteer

What The Other Legends Of Marketing Say About Dan...

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Dan Kennedy is a Genius
"My friend Dan Kennedy is unique, genius in many ways. I have always admired his ability to see the vital truths in any business and to state these realities with straight language and clear definitions. His approach is direct. His ideas are controversial. His ability to get results for his clients is unchallenged."
Joe Polish

Joe Polish

"My relationship with Dan Kennedy & Magnetic Marketing has been directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in the past two years."
Ali Brown

Ali Brown

Easily Brought In Over $1,000,000 Using His Marketing Strategies
“When I discovered Dan Kennedy's materials years ago, I immediately became a 'convert.' And I'm so glad I did... since then, Dan's time-tested, proven, no-holds-barred advice has helped me more than QUADRUPLE my business. In fact, I easily brought in over $1,000,000.00."

You Are One Of the Lucky Few.

Nobody, But Nobody, Gets This Kind Of Access... Except Dan’s $100,000 Inner Circle Members.
So you could consider this your very own PRIVATE “$50,000 Inner Circle’ Mastermind with Dan himself.

Now, because you’re a Magnetic Marketing subscriber, Dan is keenly aware of how serious you are as a marketer and business owner.

That’s why Dan has created a day you’ll never forget, a day that guarantees to be…

Over The Top, Not To be Missed

Mr. Kennedy NEVER fails in his promise to over-deliver in offering his time and expertise.

He is ALWAYS mind-blowing and game-changing, no matter what comes out of his mouth.

This is why his coaching and Inner Circle students have stuck by him year after year for more than 30 years…

And why–after 40 years–entrepreneurs and business owners the world over still refer to Dan as their #1 influence when it comes to writing sales copy, marketing campaigns, salesmanship, understanding human behavior and psychology, and growing and scaling businesses.

This is Could Be

Your LAST Chance…Grab It!

I sincerely hope you understand and appreciate the enormity of this ‘Day With Dan’ Special Event.

Dan DOES NOT do live appearances for ANYONE. Period.

In fact, it’s been 4 years since he appeared live until FHL 2021.

But now, Gold Members and higher of the NO B.S. Newsletter get to see and experience Dan Kennedy LIVE on September 20th, 2022 in Orlando, FL.

Something else you should be aware of:

This could be Dan’s last live appearance…EVER.

And this could be your absolute last and final opportunity to catch this legend of marketing in person, ever again…

Because Dan could decide to retire for good at any time. And we’d hate to see you miss out on what could honestly be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So…Do yourself a BIG favor and get yourself to Orlando, FL on September 20th to see Dan Kennedy LIVE and in-person.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Seriously.

Because I know–from personal experience–what a massive difference Dan’s teachings, strategies, and counseling have made for me, for ClickFunnels, my businesses, and for my students and peers over the years…year after year.

And I know what being in the same room with Dan could mean for YOU and your business.

Claim your seat NOW!

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Not a Magnetic Marketing & NO B.S. Newsletter Subscriber Yet… But Want To See Dan LIVE In Orlando?
Not a problem! Just click the button below to get all the details to see what you get when you become a Magnetic Marketing Member and NO B.S. Newsletter Subscriber. 
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