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  ALL 7 Physical Volumes Of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime Of Work...($10,000 Value)

  • 2,614+ pages PACKED with Dan Kennedy produced ads, along with notes from Dan Kennedy himself to give an insight or teach a lesson... No more "getting stuck" with a campaign or promotion again! Within seconds, you can have a new winning headline, angle, or an entire new offer to test for your own offer. If you're serious about direct response marketing, then this is a must-have collection.

 BONUS! Holiday Promotions...................................................................($97 Value)

 BONUS! Holiday Promotions ($97 Value)

  • Never run out of holiday ideas when you dig into this Santa sack of newsletters, ads, swipes, promos, and more! These are proven, winning holiday promotions you can easily adapt for today's audience.

 BONUS! Celebrity Promotions.................................................................($97 Value)

 BONUS! Celebrity Promotions ($97 Value)

  • How to attract the "right" celebrities for your brand, plus real working celebrity-style swipes you can model for your own offer to help add instant credibility.

 BONUS! Pet Promotions..........................................................................($97 Value)

 BONUS! Pet Promotions ($97 Value)

  • Pet market is more saturated than ever before. Follow these time-tested campaigns and marketing strategies to "stand-out" among the crowd and attracting a flood of your ideal prospects... (PLUS - how to get your pet involved in your marketing efforts for even MORE sales!)

 BONUS! Magnetic Marketing Toolkit......................................................($297 Value)

 BONUS! Magnetic Marketing Toolkit ($297 Value)

  • A "gold mine" of copyright free marketing material you can "plug 'n play" with your offer's details, hit send, and watch profits increase... (obviously a little more work than described, but this is the ultimate "done-for-you" set of templates that can drastically cut-down on the amount of work and effort it normally takes to create a new promotion...)

Total Value: $10,588

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 What If Dan Kennedy Helped Create YOUR Next Winning Ad Campaign Or Promotion?

Imagine what it would be like to have Dan peering over your shoulder and guiding you on your next winning headline... your next email campaign... your next sales page... or your even your next big offer that goes on to do millons in sales...

Can you imagine how cool that would be?!? Well, then keep reading...

Because with what I'm about to show you, you'll finally be able to say "goodbye" to the mind-numbing blockages that can stall a campaign dead in its tracks... where you stare at a blank screen for hours, or you get up to have a look at what's inside the fridge again...

Matter of fact, with this rare gift I'm going to toss into your package, you'll NEVER run out of marketing ideas, ad concepts, or things to test... giving you the upper-hand against competitors, and ensuring you get the most bang out of your ad budget.

Here's how to make it possible...
See, after ClickFunnels acquired Magnetic Marketing, I locked myself away in a room for a full week...

I did a thorough excavation of literal rooms of Dan Kennedy ads, files, notes, samples, photos, artifacts and more, accumulated throughout Kennedy's 40+ years in marketing. 

"...I Felt Like A Kid In A Candy Store!"

For days, I read, re-read, laughed, and had probably a hundred epiphanies... 

I then compiled EVERYTHING together... "the best of the best" of Dan Kennedy's lifetime work... which includes swipes that any business owner would be drooling at the chance to peruse, get ideas from, and take action on for their next promotions... 

That's not even the best part...

Get this - Dan Kennedy wrote his own notes within each item, to either teach an important concept or give context to that particular piece... (how amazing is that!?!)

We can all agree it's one thing to look over a great piece of marketing material for inspiration... but it takes it to a whole other level when you get to hear HOW and WHY a campaign was successful by the person that created it. 
This is like having 40 years of behind the scenes marketing know-how all in one package...

And that's where you come in...

See, I couldn't just sit on this paydirt (aka every marketer's dream)... and keep it to myself.

That's why, right now, as a special Christmas gift for testing out the NO B.S. Letter, I want to give you...

The "Mother Lode" Of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime Of Work!

Complete With 2,614+ Pages Jam-Packed With Real, Proven JUGGERNAUT Campaigns You Can "Swipe 'n Deploy" For Your Next Million-Dollar Offer

Yes, you heard me correctly...

Today, and while physical copies are available... you can own over 2,614+ pages of RARE Dan Kennedy work PACKED with ads, notes, samples, photos, and artifacts—accumulated over 40+ years in marketing, copywriting, speaking, and authorship to help you make MORE profits. Including...
  • Ideas for copy angles and how to position your product or service in your copywriting and marketing. It sucks to start on a blank slate when writing copy or building out a funnel for an offer. Dan Kennedy's archive will save you a TON of time and money trying to “figure things out” for yourself...
  • Ideas for offers you’ll be able to “swipe and deploy” for your promotions. The offer is THE most important element of a promotion… Without a good offer, the copy falls flat. You’ll see 40+ years of offers that have converted well for Dan Kennedy's clients and himself. And you’ll be able to spark tons of ideas for your offers for products, services, and seminars. 
  • Design ideas for your promotions you’ll be able to implement for your ads. This is huge. So many people miss the mark when it comes to high-converting direct response design... And most of these are print ads and magalogs that will spark ideas for your own promotions, so you don’t have to wonder what works and what doesn’t. 
  • Headlines, closes, bullets, stories, etc. you can swipe for your promotions. This could be a literal marketing godsend for you since you’ll be able to flip through all 2,614+ pages of examples and “swipe” ideas for your own.  
  • Product covers, and even entire products, including a complete copy of Dan Kennedy's “63 Killer Marketing Strategies” manual. The ideas you can glean from this collection could make this ENTIRE archive more than worth investing! 
  • And TONS more... like book promotions... newsletters... presentations... and complete seminars you can take ideas from... 
  • The possibilities to add MORE profit to your business from this treasure trove are endless!

"So, What's My Investment?"

When Dan first packaged and sold his entire "archive" of work, he sold it at a bargain of $10,000...

Even back then it was a no-brainer purchase because I knew just ONE IDEA from Dan's teachings could help 10X my business in a matter of months.

To this very day, I still turn to Dan's examples for my own funnels (pssst... the funnel you're in right now is based on a classic Dan Kennedy "MIFGE" offer)... that's because the principles taught by Dan are TIMELESS and work regardless of the medium.

However, as part of my mission to turn every entrepreneur into a Dan Kennedy fan, I'm not going to make you pay $10,000... I'm not even going to make you pay HALF of that...

Today, and right now as a gift to brand new members of NO B.S. Letter, I'm going to throw in all 7 PHYSICAL volumes of  Dan Kenndy's Lifetime of Work for a one-time, low payment of just $2,497 including free shipping worldwide.


If you're looking at $2,497 thinking it's "too steep," then maybe the entire collection isn't for you, and that's fine. I want to make sure these physical books are not stored away on a shelf, gathering dust, and only being taken out on occasion to show people...

I want these books to be USED... dog-eared... looking crazy with notes poking out, because then I know you are implementing Dan's teachings and seeing results.

So, for those that aren't ready for the 7 volume "mother lode," but would still want Dan's swipes to read and gather inspiration from... 

They can secure Volumes 1-5 of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime of Work on digital for a one-time payment of just $297.

Giving you TWO options to enjoy Dan Kennedy!

Keep in mind, this is a LIMITED-SALE offer ONLY for new members of the NO B.S. Letter and is not available anywhere outside of this page

Which means once you leave this page, this offer at this price disappears...

So don't wait! 

Act now and claim ALL 7 VOLUMES of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime of Work with a massive $7,503 savings!

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Secure The "Mother Lode" Of...

Dan Kennedy's Lifetime Of Work!

And say "sayonara" to getting stuck, lost, or frustrated with a promotion ever again!

Entrepreneurs Looking To Grow At An Average Pace...

Grab Only The Digital Versions Of Volumes 1 Thru 5 Of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime Of Work

Yours Today - Just One Easy Payment Of

Only $297

  • Not downloadable... always need your computer to view the digital versions...
  • While volumes 1 - 5 are HIGHLY valuable... you'll be missing 2 KEY volumes
  • Pay more in the long run once you see the value... and you buy the other 2 volumes at FULL PRICE
  • Not take the value as seriously... gets "lost" among the other courses
  • Grow your business at an average pace, knowing full-well your competition secured all 7 volumes...

Serious Entrepreneurs Determined To Grow At A RAPID Pace...

Secure ALL 7 Physical Volumes Of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime Of Work (And Before We Run Out!)

Regular Price: $10,000

Yours Today - Just One Easy Payment Of

Only $2,497

Saving You $7,503 Today

  • PLUS - get digital versions to all 7 volumes for FREE! (And enjoy Kennedy goodness while on a flight or a long road trip)
  • Generate MORE clients, patients, and bookings rapidly and predictably...
  • "Swipe 'n deploy" proven... winning campaigns from Kennedy himself to skyrocket sales
  • Never get "writer's block" ever again - have winning inspiration within arm's reach!
  • 7 JAM-PACKED volumes of Kennedy's campaigns to add notes, dog ear, and IGNITE your next funnel
  • No more "start & stop" and second-guessing yourself... now you have the ultimate campaign blueprint right beside you!
  • Grow your business at rapid pace, seeing BIG positive changes within 30 days

Don't Forget - You're 100% Covered

If by the rare chance you don't find even a shred of Kennedy's Lifetime Work valuable, then I'll return your money.
I know the likelihood of that happening is very, VERY low (and you'll see what I mean when you crack open one of the physical volumes). However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then I'll refund every cent of your investment, with zero questions asked.

"Hey, Russell... Any Extra Bonuses?"


When You Say "Yes" Right Now And Add Either Option To Your Order, I'm Going To Throw In The Following Bonuses For FREE!

Free Bonus #1

Holiday Promotions

Dig into this treasure trove of proven holiday postcards, letters, flyers, ads, coupons, and templates to skyrocket your holiday revenue! Plus, other goodies, like:
  • Blockbuster multi-million dollar marketing letter and postcard campaigns. Yours for the taking!
  • World class ‘Outrageous Marketer’ Bill Glazer shares his most outrageous and successful holiday promotions. Attention grabbing, entertaining, and highly effective. Yours to swipe and use in YOUR business!
  • And So Much More... including dentistry lead gen letters... trading newsletters... and even a letter where they sent a real "Tootsie-Roll" (making the envelope all lumpy)...

Free Bonus #2

Celebrity Promotions

Ask any big brand and they'll say the same thing... having a celebrity is MASSIVE for any marketing campaign (especially in today's marketing with influencers galore)... but getting a celebrity on-board, and the "right" celebrity for that matter... that's where it gets tricky. In this bonus, you'll discover:
  • How marketing genius Joe Polish shares his ninja ways to easily connect and network with celebrities and high profile industry superstars including Sir Richard Branson...
  • How to be memorable by mailing shoes! (Joe Polish makes sense of this show-stopping, "outside the box" thinking that helps him become "chummy" with high-level celebrities almost right away...)
  • And so much more... like Joe's "Profound Instant Friendship" formula that works even for "introverts" who aren't good with making friends (if you lack confidence, this will change that in 2.5 seconds...)

Free Bonus #3

Pet Promotions

Listen, pets sell. No doubt about it. Cats, dogs, bunnies. But do you know how to grab your audience by the heart strings... the "Dan Kennedy" way? Discover how Dan's methods helped him rake in a bundle with these ‘ready-to-roll’ pet promo strategies you can use for your own pet offer! Plus...
  • The "Dear Abby" marketing strategy that involves your own pet and is a HUGE needle-mover in growing an audience fast!
  • The adorable "pet P.S." letter method that helped generate $20+ for every $1 spent... and skyrocketed dentistry leads!
  • And TONS more... like how a dog helped a tanning salon book more tannings during a Christmas promotion... and was so popular the dog became a staple for their newsletter! (If you have a pet with a big personality, then you need to try this for your own business...)

Free Bonus #4

Magnetic Marketing Toolkit

Ever feel "stuck" and wish there were a set of easy "fill-in-the-blanks" ad campaigns that are proven to work...? Then you'll want this bonus (which might be worth the $2,497 investment alone)... In this GOLD MINE of copyright free ad campaigns, you'll be able to:
  • Fill in the details of YOUR offer into any ad campaign, and have it ready to go in minutes... and without paying an expensive copywriter, or spending weeks on it yourself...
  • Turn on the "customer acquisition machine" with these 3-step lead gen sequences proven to work across ANY business, online and off...
  • AND sooooooooooooo much more... including templates for welcome letters... thank you letters... lead gen landing pages... and how to use Roy Orbison to win back customers (it's weird and it works)

Here's Everything You Get Today

Remember, when you say "YES" to all 7 volumes of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime of Work, you'll be receiving over 2,614+ pages FILLED of proven, winner campaigns... with real commentary by Dan Kennedy himself... revealing HOW and WHY a promotion worked... and how you can use it for your own offers!

You'll also be receiving the digital versions of all 7 volumes as well, so that way you can read Dan's Lifetime of Work on your iPad or Kindle and get some business inspiration while on a flight or road trip.

But I must be up-front and frank about something...

We currently only have a few thousand physical copies of the entire set of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime of Work at this unheard of low price...

That means, once they're gone, then Dan's Lifetime of Work goes back to the full price... (which again is still a bargain in its own right, but why wait and pay full price, when you can secure ALL 7 volumes today... and at an incredible discount!)

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Secure The "Mother Lode" Of Dan Kennedy's Lifetime Of Work Right Now... And While Physical Copies Are Still Available!

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